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Rondout Valley Central School Nurses are dedicated professionals serving students, staff, and community by enhancing the educational process through assessment and promotion of physical, developmental, and emotional growth to ensure optimal learning and wellness.


NEW 2018-2019 Screening Guideline

Meningitis Letter from NYS Dept of Health

 A new law was passed in July 2007 that will come into effect September 2008, which “requests students enrolling in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten or first grade in a public elementary school in New York State to present a dental health certificate” to the school. “This dental health certificate must contain a report of a comprehensive dental examination performed on such child.”
 This dental certificate could be furnished at the same time that health certificates are required, which is “within 30 days after the student’s entrance” into public elementary school.
 “Each certificate shall be signed by a duly licensed dentist who is authorized by law to practice in this state.”
 A list of dentists who will provide these services on a free or reduced cost basis for those in need will be available upon request at the child’s school. This list has yet to be compiled but will be available in the future from collaboration with our local department of health.

Dental Health Certificate