Social Media Incident at our High School

Social Media Incident at our High School
Posted on 12/19/2018
importantDear Families:

I am writing to share some information about a very serious social media incident at our High School.  On Sunday, I was informed of the possible existence of a troubling video posted by a student on Snapchat. We immediately reached out to our School Resource Officer (SRO), and an investigation was conducted. 

Yesterday, we were able to obtain a copy of the video, and to our dismay, it contained hateful speech and indirectly implied violence towards a minority group. 

In accordance with our Code of Conduct, the student who posted the video has been suspended pending a superintendent’s hearing.  Details about the video have also been shared with legal authorities to determine if the incident constitutes a criminal act. 

I would like to assure every student, parent, and community member that this type of hateful behavior will not be tolerated by the Rondout Valley Central School District.  There is no room for racism or bigotry in our schools.  I will not allow our children to be made to feel they are unwelcome. 

It is essential that children understand the seriousness of their words and be held accountable for them, even when they say it was “just a joke.”  Some things are not funny.  Please remind your children about the serious consequences that come with poor decisions.  Also, encourage them to never hesitate to share their concerns about anything that they see or hear that makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe. 

I would like to commend the students who brought this issue to our attention.  When students are empowered to speak out against unacceptable behaviors, they play a crucial role in putting an end to such meanness.  Our students give me hope for the future, and I encourage you to please not let the poor behavior of the few overshadow the integrity of the hundreds and hundreds of other upstanding students in our District. 

I am entrusted with keeping your children safe, and this is a responsibility that I take very seriously.  Please reassure your children of my absolute commitment to their safety and security, a commitment that is shared by all of our faculty and staff. 


Joseph Morgan

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