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Fight Flu at Home and School
Flu, or influenza, spreads easily and can make people very sick, especially kids. You can help stop flu!
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School Climate Survey
School Climate Survey
As we strive to ensure that all schools provide a safe and healthy learning environment for our students, we want to learn more about your experiences as a parent or caretaker of a student in the Rondout Valley Central School District.
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growth mindset
Promoting a Growth Mindset
Decades of research show a powerful relationship between mindset and achievement.
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Consumer Notice of Tap Water Results
We are responsible for providing you with water at this location and ensuring that the drinking water we provide to you meets state and federal standards. We collected a drinking water sample for lead at this location on September 18, 2019.
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Water System Repaired
The water system at the High School has been repaired and school will open as planned tomorrow, November 26th.
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Kudos Corner

Kudos to: Carolyn, Frankie, & Wally at the HS
Submitted by: Barbara Jordan
It’s been a while, but I’d like to give Kudos to Carolyn, Frankie and Wally, three incredibly kind and helpful custodians at RVHS.  On Curriculum Night, while trying to navigate my freshman son’s schedule, going from the auditorium to his various classrooms, I didn’t notice that my brand-new Galaxy S10E had fallen out of my backpack.  As Curriculum Night came to an end and I realized my phone was missing, I searched my car and the parking lot with a flashlight and then drove home assuming I had left it home.  Seeing that my phone was not at the house, I used the “Find My Android” app on my laptop and confirmed that my phone was indeed in the RVHS building. So, I drove back to the school where Carolyn, Frankie and Wally helped me search the auditorium, every classroom, restroom and the parking lot, retracing my steps with flashlights, and continually calling my cell number hoping that we would hear it, but to no avail. My family was leaving for a long-awaited weekend getaway the next morning and I was anxious to find my phone before we got on the road. Carolyn, Frankie and Wally were so helpful and understanding of the situation. The next morning, my husband and son drove to the school where Carolyn, Frankie and Wally once again helped search for my phone, but to no avail.  They told my husband that they had continued looking long after I had gone home the night before, but couldn’t find it.  I had resigned myself to the fact that I would have to go on vacation without a phone.  As my family was heading out, I convinced my husband to drive to the school again for one last attempt to find it before we headed south for the long weekend.  And once AGAIN, Carolyn, Wally and Frankie were there to help, and they were truly as happy as I was when we finally found my phone stuck in between two seats in the auditorium.  They never once complained about all the time they spent searching for my phone and were so incredibly friendly, kind and helpful.  I can’t thank them enough for all their time and effort, and more importantly for being such wonderful, good-hearted people. 

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