Public Comment

Our Board of Education welcomes your public comment during our BOE Meetings. During public comment, you can help us by bringing to our attention matters of concern that have not been resolved through usual channels of communication, or sharing new ideas to consider. With that in mind, please include the following information and email to

Phone number
Email address
Group you represent
Comment topic

This information will be used to correctly identify you in the minutes of the meeting and to assist when a response is requested. No discussion of particular personnel or students will be allowed in open session. The Board President or District Clerk will read the comments submitted during the online meeting. Please note in an effort to hear all comments, we limit the time to 3 minutes. 

4.13.21 Update: Those wishing to make public comment at our Board of Education Meetings in-person, may do so beginning at the April 13th meeting. Individuals who wish to make an in-person public comment are asked to come to the District Office by 7:15 PM on the date of the meeting they would like to comment at. Masks and social distancing are required, and temperatures will be taken upon arrival.

We also welcome questions; however we will not answer questions at meetings. Therefore, if you have a specific question please include it and the appropriate District Representative will respond within a timely manner.